(Note:Map Update files include the FREE Software Upgrade - There is no need to download the Software Upgrade if you have purchased the Map Update.
If running Windows Vista & your experiencing any problems, please email

Read Me First Copying Map Update to an SD Card.
Binatone Australia 2008 Map Update Installation (pdf 515kb)

2008 Software Upgrade for X350 & X430 Australia
( Available FREE to users - Improves Efficiency & Reaction time)
Does not include map update for Australia.(Please click here to purchase 2008 Map Update)

Update Instructions (pdf 623 k)
X350 AUS Update Software (zip 3.76 m)
X430 AUS Update Software (zip 3.82 m)

1st, Feb, 2008 - Binatone Map Reporter

Click here to report a map error

12th, Nov, 2007 - Melbourne map Fix

Note: Only Melbourne users need to download this Fix. If your GPS is working properly, please DO NOT USE this fix!

Update Instruction for X350 Australia (Nov 2007 - Part I, pdf 112k)
MobileNavigator.rar (Nov 2007 - Part II, rar 6537 k)

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